Saggart Tidy Towns

June 2021

Saggart Tidy Towns

Mesh at its Best

We worked with Saggart Tidy Towns on this unbelievable transformation project. We covered the square in printed mesh to bring the area up to the clinical standards that the Saggart Tidy Towns Team have achieved in the rest of the town. Over 200m2 of printed Mesh was used on this vast project.

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Our Mesh allows for great vibrant colours while still enabling the wind to pass through. Great material for use on fencing, hoarding or scaffold for building wraps.

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Mesh comes in unlimited sizes so it can be used for something as small as a simple garden fence or as large as an aircraft hanger wrap.

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Literally anything can be printed on mesh so the creative opportunities are endless.

Thank you so much for the support and generosity of Complete Digital Print

Saggart Tidy Towns
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