A New Orleans inspired Restaurant & Bar

What an exciting project! We have worked with the guys from Krewe on many of their adventurous business journeys but this one has to be the most colourful! Bespoke built, colourful LED light boxes made from powder coated aluminium with pushed through acrylic to include a letter glow as well as halo illumination – These really generate good vibes before you even enter this funky decorated restaurant. All boxes are tastefully designed to give the ambience the guys were looking for. You really get that feeling that you have just been transported to the centre of New Orleans. (We have found ourselves taking numerous trips in to get our hands on a lunch or two too) We love Krewe!

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State of the art Halo signage, created by reverse channel lighting and wall stand off mounts. The glowing results of this type of illumination are spectacular.

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Powder coated aluminium is used to create the highly effective halo effect on the structure.

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Less is more! Single image captions create a clear striking effect.

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Jonathan Keane, Managing Director | cdp
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